Joe, last year in 2016 from January to April I had approximately 50 wedding clients booked and paid for that period. After hiring your services this year for 2o17, from January to April we completed over 100 weddings! You literally doubled our sales. You really did it! Thank you so much

Rachel wedding photographer California May 11, 2017

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These guys are literally the best at what they do. First, they sent my team a video proposal outlining everything that was currently wrong with my website. Once we signed the Search Engine Ninja on to our marketing, our ROI has increased ten fold! We are now found on the first page of Google and we even appear on Google Maps as pin A! This has done wonders for home many customers we actually get coming through these doors. We expanded our line from mostly brick and mortar to also being online, fully stocked, ready to take orders, thanks to the Search Engine Ninja. With the tips and tricks these guys did to our Ecommerce platform, sales have tripled and I can honestly say that I am now a strong believer in the power of SEO. Great job guys and I will be using you for all my future business endeavors as well.

Cheryl Lee wedding photographer June 13, 2017

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We needed more traffic on our website and we wanted to be on the first page of Google when people found us. Joe is extremely professional and it was a pleasure to work with him. He always showed us the work he did while getting our website to the top of Google. Working with him was one of the best decisions we have made with our website.

Ahmed Nassar VP International Business Development June 19, 2017

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I wanted to find an SEO agency that would take the time to understand my business model and how I am trying to separate myself from my competition. Joe really understands my business and put in the effort to develop a online marketing plan that so far has doubled the number of clients we had this time last year. I would recommend Joe and the search engine ninja to anyone I know.

Camila Baker Business Development Manager at IIM Financial Group June 16, 2017

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When hiring a search engine optimization consultant, it’s common to consider what kind of impact it will have on your business. Thoughts like, “Will SEO really Work? Can they accomplish what they promise?


Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Below are some statistics in graph format from some of the work we have done for our clients. Each graph showing the increase we have generated for some of our clients. Results will vary and the length of time isn’t always the same for each client but the end results are always the same.

Double the traffic results for our SEO clients

Triple the traffic results for our SEO clients

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business that operates for profit. When you control traffic… you control the money. Each client is unique and the time it takes to see traffic increases like this to your website will vary but it will all end with the same results… Dominating your competition on page one of Google.


Recovering From a Google Penalty

Google is an always changing entity on the internet. They are constantly updating their algorithms and having your website penalized can be fatal and at the very least cause a dramatic drop in your website ranking. This means lost revenue and lost customers. We not only fix the problems that caused your website to drop in rankings, we optimize and monitor your website so that you continue to thrive long into the future. The results below are from a client that hired our service to recover from a penalty cause from another SEO company. We corrected the problems and our client continued to see improvements when other algorithm updates occurred.

Our SEO clients always thrive and are protected against Google algorithm changes

Rank Results that are Long Lasting

A jump onto page one of Google doesn’t happen in one swift move. There is a bit of dancing around known as the “Google Dance”. The time it takes to rank a website on page one will test the patience of many but we have always succeeded in getting our clients websites onto page one. Typical results look like the one below for a recent client moving their site from page two to page one.

Results of moving our SEO client website from page two to page one of Google search results

An Increase In Your Bottom Line

The bottom line is really what matters at the end of the day. The graph below shows an increase in client services and this is a typical result.

Double the sales for our SEO clients



Since 2007 when we started our SEO career, we have always had a different approach from other SEO companies.

First, we handle every aspect of our SEO proprietary strategies in-house. We don’t hand off your website to an intern or a company overseas to “practice their SEO” on your site.

Since we founded The Search Engine Ninja SEO agency in 2013, we have worked hard to provide our clients with results that last. Our clients’ sites stay on page one long after we complete the work necessary to get them there. We don’t work on contracts and we prefer to earn our clients business month after month as long as we are producing results for them.


Free Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about SEO for your business give us a call. We can show you exactly what it will take to get you on to page one and we can show you the revenue that you could earn each month as a result of being on page one. It only takes a few minutes and it’s totally FREE. Call (844) 733-3183


We are certified by Google – check out our certifications below

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