SEO Discovery Page

While we would love to work with everyone… the truth is that our service isn’t for all businesses.

We only work with companies that meet a strict set of standards and this ensures we can get our clients the results we promise, and then some!

Who¬†we WON’T work with:
1. Start-up businesses
2. Adult themed businesses
3. Get Rich Quick opportunities

We WILL work with companies that already see a steady flow of customers and are looking to dominate their market share and wipe out the competition. Companies that meet this first requirement are typically running some ads, either online or offline and they are promoting their business.

Because our “Google Domination Plan” generates so much goodwill within the community our clients serve, our clients guard their business reputation and work hard to keep it.

If you and your company fit within this basic set of initial guidelines then we would like to speak to you and show you how we can get you to the top of your market.

The process begins with filling out the form below. It’s required and will help us determine what type of plan we need to deploy to get you the results you want. With this information we can also determine the average monthly revenue (ROI) you will see as a result of using our services.

Once we have this information we will meticulously develop a customized plan that will exceed your expectations and revenue desires and we will use the same strategies that have generated millions in revenue for our clients since 2013.

We will contact you by phone when we officially receive your complete Discovery Form and we will let you know the exact time you can expect to receive your custom “Google Domination Plan” delivered to you.


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